1966 Washington Valley Road, Suite #7
Martinsville, New Jersey 08836
Call: 855-577-SPIN (7746) info@lifestylemechanics.com
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Lifestyle Mechanics Spin Studio, 1966 Washington Valley Road, Suite 7 Martinsville, NJ 08836 
Toll Free: (855) 577-SPIN

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LIFESTYLE BURN: Pure spin! This is a workout designed for all ages and fitness levels. 50 minutes of leg pumping, heart pounding, calorie burning fun. REGISTER HERE

LIFESTYLE SCULPT: A full spin workout incorporating weights and/or bands for the upper body. This class is designed to tone your upper and lower body simultaneously! Great music! Great energy! Great experience. REGISTER HERE

LIFESTYLE POWER: Come in for a 45 minute spin and if you would like stay for an extra half hour of toning and/or ab work...2 great workouts in one. REGISTER HERE

LIFESTYLE FUSION: Is a high intensity class using interval training along with spinning!
You will start out on the spin bike & then come off & go to the mat and work your core using Pilates principles... You will be going back and forth from bike to mat for one hour! Get ready to burn some calories. REGISTER HERE

LIFESTYLE LAB: This class is a 40 minute intense full body workout. You will use free weights as well as your own body weight to burn fat and sculpt your muscles. Cardio intervals will include jumping.variations will be made if necessary. REGISTER HERE